Gardening Services:

Vegetable Garden
  • Vegetable and Flower gardens, planting and maintenance
  • Hand weeding
  • Waste removal, mulching and composting
  • Spraying for pest control, organic solutions as well as safe pesticide use if required

Our Staff:

  • Believes in sustainability, SOS promotes this by encouraging homeowners, strata corporations, and commercial properties to maximize their growing areas for beauty and food production
  • Are certified from the Ministry of Environment to apply pesticides for both commercial and residential properties.
  • All promote the Company’s commitment to Integrated Pest Management which is an environmentally friendly and a common sense approach to pest control.
  • Are working to provide more and different organic approaches to pest control for the betterment of the environment, our family, our pets and our customers.
  • Work with the client to achieve the desired effect, whether that be producing quality food, stunning gardens or efficient green spaces.

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